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An intuitive sales tracking and reporting tool for the frontline sales team, integrated with backend MIS, team tracking and escalation matrix surfaced as the need of the hour for the HUL Kolkata division. Creating and tracking continuous report on sales target, visits and update on leads and subsequent reporting via team hierarchy with a cross-platform solution connecting teams to their customers and management; became the outline for Kazma Technology, upon which the HUL sales toolwas being developed

App Technology

Android OS support: 4.2 to 6.0
Development: Java using Android Studio 2.3

  • Web Technology- PHP
  • Database Used- MySQL
  • Server- AWS Cloud hosting

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Challenges & the Solution

Cross platform integration, early adoption and reporting flow was few on the principal aspects, that had to be dealt with while executing the project. HUL, being an MNC, posed its own demanding schedule and quality parameters. The scope of customiza- tion, future development and integration of reports to other MIS’s provided a unique opportunity for us; which we like to believe was fully catered to. HUL still remains on of our premium clients and the ‘White Label’ sales application; a predominant tool still being used by first level sales force to communicate and relay information across multiple management levels.

We pride ourselves at this opportunity, and ever since, has been a key learning step for us to continuously strive to deliver better, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Our Promise

We, at Kazma Technology assure our very best when it comes to helping our clientsre- alise their vision. Implementing robust and scalable solutions, with in the committed time frame and without cost escalations to maximize value to our clients. Mobile app being used by each employee at field level , looking at the data pushed by their respec- tive managers and against each they are pushing the data , which data relay starts generating report in real time for each department at Branch and HO level.

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