Blackberry app development

Blackberry Apps Development

With in depth experience of technology combined with the right processes, when you award us your Blackberry Apps Development project, we make sure your app is delivered on the Blackberry marketplace, meeting your specific business requirements, within your deadlines and meeting RIM’s development specifications. Right from simple information only apps, ecommerce apps, highly complex Blackberry business apps, map and navigation apps, whatever Development be your project, our expert team of Blackberry developers will ensure that your project will be DELIVERED.

SAVE UPTO 60%, compared to conventional on-shore App Development costs. App Development will cost you more if you decide to get it done onshore. It will also be time consuming because it is not your core business and you may not know how to go about it. However, being one of the first Blackberry Apps Development Company in India, it is surely our core business and we know how to go about it. Hence we not only design and build it for you, but also consult you all along the way.

We build custom applications for BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Pearl, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Torch etc. to suit your need. We have a dedicated team of expert Blackberry application developers which has vast experience in developing various applications for Blackberry in varied areas of application. With our expertise we provide you a cost effective solution which is optimized to your requirements, whether big or small.

For the development of Blackberry Apps, there are two main software platforms that are used:

  • Java Micro Edition (J2ME)
  • MDS With a team that has expertise in these development platforms, and a team of creative designers doing graphic designs for the app interfaces, your Blackberry app will surely stand above the others.
  • Choose the experts: Our team consists of the right mix of expertise and skills. After understanding your app requirements, we decide which resources will be best suited in terms of experience and expertise to deliver your app in time.
  • Easy Flexible Payment Options and No Taxes: We have different flexible payment options to suit your budget and your expectations. No taxes are levied. No hidden or extra costs involved.
  • Stay connected: Stay connected with the consultant /project manager and get regular updates on chat/email/phone.
  • Client Centric Solution: The entire process and the app code is centered around your specific business requirements. The end solution delivered meets your business needs exactly.
  • Source Code Authorization: All the rights of the source code of the app will be owned by you.
  • Timing: 8 Hours per Day, 5 Days a Week- Monday to Friday.

What Makes our Blackberry App Developers Different?

Our resources are trained in communication skills. Also, our resources are trained about the business aspects of web and mobile technologies. They understand your language. They understand your business. They can not only “code”, but code smartly and based on your specific business requirements. Call us and we will arrange an e-meeting with one of our resources.

We develop Blackberry Apps for the following categories:
  • Business Apps
  • Navigation and Maps
  • Shopping
  • Deals
  • Celebrity Apps
  • Business Process automation on Smartphones running the Blackberry OS
  • Sales team processes automations
  • Entertainment and Games
  • News
  • Search Tools
  • Social Networking
  • Utilities
  • Dictionaries
  • Business and Finance
  • Messaging

As one of the leading Blackberry Apps Development Company in India, we have build-up extensive experience in the Blackberry Apps Development India areas below:

  • The Blackberry Java Development SDK
  • They use official tools for development, testing process and publishing software for the platform
  • Profound understanding of the challenges associated with Blackberry Apps Development such as interface development for different screen resolutions to support the different blackberry models
  • Broad experience in Blackberry OS and mobile application development
  • User-friendly interface and help with ideas for superb Blackberry App design
  • Custom application design through the use of the latest equipment in 2D and 3D graphics

What We Offer as an the leading Blackberry Apps Development Company India -

  • Free consultation – Looking to turn your idea or service into a mobile app? Or you want to port your current business apps on the Blackberry Smartphones? Don’t know where to start? You don’t have to look any further. Being one of the most widely respected software development houses in India, we know what all about Blackberry Apps from the start to the end. We know how apps work, and how they are built. We offer a private consultation to help kick start your app creation and explore the limitless possibilities that Blackberry phones open for your business.
  • Technical and Functional Requirements for your project – Not tech savvy? Don’t worry. Our consultants guide you through the entire process right from idea inception, documentation, development and delivery. We guide and consult you till the time you reach a self-sustaining stage in your project lifecycle. It is this consultation that we provide to all our customers that makes us one of the most preferred Blackberry App Development Company in India.
  • Dummy of your Idea/Business process – After our consultants gather your business requirements, we provide you with a fully functional dummy of your app. This makes you conceptualize how your app will work when functional and complete. After reviewing it, you can make any desired modifications to your concept to better match your business requirements.
  • Blackberry App Interface Design– Once the dummy of your app is complete; we will provide you with the design of each and every screen in your app. With a highly experiences and dedicated team of Graphic designers, we design as per your specific likes and preferences and add that special design feel to your app.
  • Apps Development – Once the designs and dummy are in place, our Blackberry developers and programmers start the development of your app. We provide you with regular updates and status of the development process so that you know what is happening at each and every step.
  • Online Project Management – Our project managers / consultants assigned to your project provide real time updates to you. You will be kelp informed about what is happening. After all, it’s your app. You should know the status as and when things happen.
  • Testing – Before your Blackberry app is sent for approval on the Blackberry Marketplace, we will carry out comprehensive testing of the app so ensure that there are no bugs or irregularities in your app.
  • App Store Submission – We will take care of getting your app published on the app store.
  • Support and Maintenance – We offer several maintenance plans and also free maintenance for some months. Contact our Blackberry consultants to know more about these.

Contact us immediately to get started with discussing your own specific business requirements. Send us your requirements and our business development team will get back to you within 24-48 hours.